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Dear Henry: Thank You
Coming to Michigan International Speedway is a lot like coming home for American Ethanol. After all, the automobile as we know it was born right down the road. It’s also the home of Henry Ford – and while he did not invent the automobile, his vision and innovation meant that almost every working American could own a car.

Henry Ford driving Sweepstakes 1901
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In 1901, immediately after his first automobile company failed, Ford entered an automobile race with a goal to reestablish credibility with investors. He built and piloted a car he named “Sweepstakes” to victory over the most notable race car driver of the era, Alexander Winton.
Henry never expected to win, but the prize money and attention of new investors launched the beginning of the Ford Motor Company and Ford Racing. Henry was smart enough to realize that his driving skills weren’t what got him in victory lane. His commitment to engineering and innovation were his key to victory.
Seven years later, the first Model T rolled off the assembly line in Detroit. Few, however, remember that the Model T was also the first production Flex Fuel Vehicle – it could run on gasoline, ethanol or both. Ford believed in consumer choice and renewable energy. He famously told the New York Times, “The fuel of the future is going to come from fruit life that of sumac out by the road, or from apples, weeds, sawdust – almost anything.” Today, Americans are using that same innovation and spirit to produce homegrown fuel, food and numerous other products.
If Ford were alive today we believe he would find pride in the fact that NASCAR has raced more than six million flawless miles on Sunoco Green E15, a high performance biofuel made with 15% American ethanol – and applaud the NASCAR Green platform, the most comprehensive initiative of recycling and sustainability in all of sports.
Team American Ethanol believes emphatically in innovation, ingenuity and sustainability. That is why we feel so closely aligned with NASCAR. They prove their commitment to these values every week on the track along with those who manufacture the vehicles we use every day. This gives our growers, producers and supporters a lot of pride. American Ethanol is also proud to be teamed up with grower and supporter Richard Childress and one of the greatest new era drivers, Austin Dillon.
We also know that ethanol doesn’t just show up at the track. It comes from America’s farm fields, produced by American farmers who are known worldwide for their innovation, ingenuity and sustainability.
Being a competition sponsor in NASCAR guarantees American Ethanol a spot in victory lane every week. However, the American consumer is the real winner, enjoying choice at the pump and lower prices thanks to clean, renewable fuel.
We’re proud to model ourselves after Henry Ford’s ideals and we’re excited to be back in Michigan, a place where growers, producers, retailers and consumers can come together and see American Ethanol perform in America’s sport of NASCAR. They showcase homegrown innovation and ingenuity every week.
So this week, we salute Henry Ford – a pioneer of innovation and ingenuity, and an early champion of renewable fuel. Thank you, Mr. Ford, for having the courage and leadership to step into that race car and power America forward.
Mitch Miller and Ryan Welsh
Team American Ethanol
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